Thursday, August 21, 2008

Backup tips to prevent the data loss

If you do not want to loss your data fallow the necessary steps given below:

1. Full backup – Make a full backup of your data that will create a mirror of your hard drive, every file and folder that you currently have on your computer. It will help you to avoid data loss at the time of failure of any drive since you have backup you can restore your data.

2. Differential backup – Make a differential backup that creates the backup only for files that have been changed or upgraded.

3. Disk image - This will give you the choice of backing up your entire hard drive or just the files that you select.

4. Unattended backup - Using this method, you can set the software that will create the backup to do all of the work, even if you aren’t around.

5. Snapshot backup - A snapshot backup will mirror your hard drive, backing up the images of your files.

If also unfortunately you lost your data you can go for data recovery software. The data recovery software is varying from the operating system to operating system and their file system to file system. You should always go for powerful and efficient data recovery software that provides support for your operating system and file system combination.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd is the principal data recovery company with a golden track record in providing data recovery software for all computer operating systems and their corresponding file systems. Company has more than 15 years of rich experience in providing comprehensive data recovery software for addressing each kind of logical data loss problem.

The data recovery software offered by Stellar is highly developed and extremely powerful that does a thorough scan of the affected hard drive and retrieves as much data as possible. No harm will be made to the integrity of your precious data by these data recovery software as of the read only and non destructive behavior.

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