Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Data loss due to STOP error message post unsuccessful registration of DLL files

The Olemsg32.dll and Cdo.dll files (all versions) are primarily used to implement messaging and collaboration functionality into a custom application. Once you install these files into your system, you need to manually register these files by using Regsvr32 (regsvr32.exe full path and file name as Olemsg32.dll or Cdo.dll files). A STOP error message might occur if you register these files from a wrong installation point. In such situations, the data stored in the hard drive becomes inaccessible. In such data loss scenarios, you need to restore data from an up-to-date and valid backup to regain your lost data. However, if no such backup is available or backup fails to restore the required data, then you need to opt for advanced data recovery software.

As a practical scenario, you encounter the below error message when you use Regsvr32.exe to register the Olemsg32.dll or Cdo.dll files:

“LoadLibrary ("olemsg32.dll") failed.
GetLastError returns 0x0000007e. LoadLibrary ("cdo.dll") failed.
GetLastError returns 0x0000007e.”

Once the above error message appears, the system becomes unmountable making the data saved in the hard drive inaccessible.


The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is the calling of Olemsg32.dll and Cdo.dll files from the wrong installation point.


To resolve the issue and access the data, you need to follow the below steps:
1. Copy the Olemsg32.dll or Cdo.dll file to the below location:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\NT folder
2. Next, register the files by using Regsvr32.exe. For example, type the below command:
Regsvr32 Olemsg32.dll
The following message is displayed to indicate that the command is successful:
DllRegisterServer in Olemsg32.dll succeeded.

However, if the problem persists even after following the above steps, the best option left is to reinstall Windows. A clean reinstall of Windows will erase all data from the selected hard drive partition. To recover the lost data from a formatted hard drive partition or volume, you need use powerful data recovery software. These data recovery applications use advanced scanning mechanisms to recover lost data. Built with highly graphical user-interface, automated recovery procedure and advanced features, these data recovery tools serve as precise and recovery centric tools.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an efficient data recovery utility. It provides complete recovery of lost data from corrupted, deleted, formatted or lost hard drive partitions and volumes. The software supports 185 different file types that can be further extended. The tool is compatible with FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems. It supports Windows 7 (Currently in RC1), Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winning Factors that make an effective data center

Most of the customer service centers rely on data centers for data transfer and access. All the client sensitive information remains stored in these data centers from where they are regularly accessed by multiple numbers of authorized personnel. There are times when we wonder, how come when we call up in these customer service centers, they always pick up the complaints or the queries right from the point where the other personnel had let go. It’s the data centers that are making this easy and fluid access possible.

Data centers are outside locations that house equipments that enable large companies to stack their important and sensitive information in them. This stored information can be accessed from any remote location and any authorized employee can have access to it at any time of the day according to the Company’s discretion.

Data confidentiality is an essential component on which all businesses thrive. Thus data security and safety has assumed prime importance in today’s world where all concerns irrespective of their size and reach are resorting to these data centers for preserving their data.

Provided below are a few pointers that come handy while choosing the right data center for your business:-

Encryption: Encryption has been devised to save the information that is moving to and from in the network from the cautious eyes of the hackers. Encryption refers to a code that cannot be cracked. The encrypted information is recognizable only by the computer and the process goes on whenever the data moves. Data that comes back to the data center is again encrypted to safeguard its confidentiality.

Password protection: All passwords have a security feature that prevents someone from entering the password more than a stipulated number of times as has been decided by the company. out after three attempts. This prevents someone from intruding and unlocking it.

128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) enabled: This prevents the information fro being retrieved or corrupted in any way.

Restricting remote access: It allows access only to a few IP addresses. This helps in limiting the periphery of use.

Individual security: Company personnel are provided with their own username and password to access the data center. This differentiates the encryption key from employee to employee.

Firewalls and Virus protection: The data center should have an effective anti-virus software installed to keep the virus at bay besides accommodating a firewall that would enable it to be supported by a backup software and not be locked out.

Protocol security: The data center uses secure data security system that cannot be affected by hackers. Protocols such as HTTP are vulnerable to hackers and should be avoided.

Verification of the data: Every time a particular file writes to the disk at the data center, its integrity is verified. If the verification proves faulty, the data is transmitted to an identical server

Redundant power: this helps the data center to survive the onslaught of blackouts. Thus they run from separate sources of electricity and also have backup generators to backup the data even when power surges occur at their end.

If a data center embodies all these qualities, you can entrust them the job of handling your sensitive data hands down but if even a few of these crucial factors are missing, consider it before relying on them.

Your data is precious and if left unattended, can land you in real trouble. If you have lost your important data due to any data loss situation, contact Stellar information Systems Ltd, a pioneer recovery and data protection company specializing in data recovery services and solutions for help. Stellar’s powerful software cater to different requirements and retrieves data with flowing ease from even the most complicated data loss situations.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Backups and Data Recovery in Linux

Losing data is the weird situation to handle by any of the user, using any of the operating system. Knowing the fact even, some of the users ignore the fact of backup considering the process as the real chore. But realize later when the data recovery need actually arises.

For the Linux users, the powerful custom backup solutions will make your part of creating the backups quite easy. These solutions would help you to maintain the secure network backups using open source tools and are applicable for each Linux distribution. These backups can be done in the following ways:

• Simple Backup: The simplest way to create the backup for the Linux data is to use a handy script called arc. This is the script which will allows you to create snapshots from a Linux shell prompt. This works through accepting the single file or directory name as the parameter and then creates the corresponding archive file.

• Advanced Backup: This is the backup procedure which runs similar to other operating systems. This includes backing up on the multiple media and then shifting them to the separate geographic locations. The reason for choosing number of storage media and different locations is the non-reliance on the single storage media and single location.

• Backup through resync utility: This is the utility which is the part of the GPL’d software which will allow you to efficiently take the backup manually. You can synchronize the file trees across a network, although this is usable on single machines too.

Data is the key term for any organization which makes its realization when it gets lost and drags you to the dig of Linux data recovery. However the precautions like maintaining the regular backups would keep you away from this disastrous condition.

But if you haven’t backed up or the existing backup solutions are not yielding the useful results then you need to harvest the lost data from the affected hard drive itself as the data always resides there, nevertheless the reason of data loss. The Linux recovery requires just the scanning of the hard drive. This is possible through the help of data recovery Linux software.

These software are built by the geek engineers and marketed by the data recovery companies, offering you the range of features. Linux recovery is made easy with the tailored interactive user interface.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software is the highly developed Linux recovery utility made for data recovery from Ext2, Ext3 and Reiser FS file systems. The software makes use of the influential scanning algorithms for the same.

The software makes the task of Linux data recovery with the graphically rich user interface and is viable for all the Linux flavors and data recovery Linux for each kind of file.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

"InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form" error message

Software malfunctions and virus attacks are distressing but error messages that wreak considerable damage to the system and the files are equally painful. That’s what most people feel and the truth that resonates from the given fact cannot be completely pushed to the sidetracks.

The good news is that all error messages are not destructive and the bad news is that some of them definitely are. Nevertheless, an honest attempt to keep the system rolling entails countering good and vile influences all at the same time.

Discussed below is one such error message that is relatively harmless as long as it is properly and effectively tackled and attended to within a stipulated time frame from its appearance.

"InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form" or “Unspecified error” error message flashes on the screen when one attempts to open any form after having started Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003. What follows as a natural corollary is the form not opening, a prospect which is enough to scare the ghost out of you.

The possible reason causing this behavior can be traced back to the registry which is not correctly updated for InfoPath 2003. This mostly happens when the prevent language tune-up from running policy is enabled and is set to Never run language tune-up.

This complication can be duly corrected by updating the registry for InfoPath 2003. Two methods can be employed to achieve this goal namely:

  • Running the Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings tool
  • Manually updating the Registry

These procedures would surely yield results but if any discrepancies are committed while modifying the registry, grave consequences are bound to follow which in most cases gravitate towards reinstallation of the Operating System.

Incorrect handling of the registry editor to modify the registry wreak irreparable damages, troubleshoots for which are not available with Microsoft also. Thus it is advisable to try your hand at it, only if you happen to be a veteran.

As is known to all, reinstallation of the Operating System entails erasure of all the data that lies in the primary partition of the hard drive and an instance of more fatal data deletion if a dynamic partition is being used. That is why it is always recommended to backup the registry in case it requires restoration at any point of time. If your data is precious and you are not in a position to compromise its status at any cost, bank on Stellar Information Systems Ltd, a pioneer data recovery software company for assistance.

Stellar to come up with a comprehensive software that is a one-step solution for data recovery from Windows whatever might be the data loss situation that has wrought the havoc. If you have lost your precious data and a reinstallation of the Operating Systems is bothering you, install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to recover every bit of your lost data that has suffered deletion.

Its powerful algorithms enable the software to perform search, locate and recover functions for recovering lost, missing, inaccessible or deleted data from Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and older operating system hard drives. It caters to both File Allocation Table (FAT) and New Technology File System (NTFS) file systems.

This is a Non destructive and read-only utility that offers Raw File Recovery’ feature, advanced search, File preview and Live updates. Try the demo version of the software to access the performance of the software

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Monday, June 22, 2009

What is Database Recovery ?

One instance of data lost from crucial databases supporting your client base or business strategies can ruin you and your world. Why take risks with the data that means everything to you. Bank on Stellar Data Recovery Inc., a pioneer data recovery service provider for expert assistance and ready solutions.

The most common causes that instigate a database corruption are as follows:-

  • Corruption and damage of the .mdb files (Microsoft Access)
  • Locked [.db] database file

Corruption and damage of the .mdf files (Microsoft SQL)
  • Hard drive corruption
  • Hard drive partition refusing to mount
  • Virus and spyware menace
  • Media Read Error
  • Complications pertaining to Table, Query, Form, Report, Macro, Modules, triggers

If you are being able to identify with the above stated problems, do not lose heart because Stellar Data Recovery Inc. can effectively retrieve your lost/missing database files from any data loss situation however adverse it might be.

Equipped with trained and expert data recovery professionals and an excellent Clean room facility, Stellar can effectively retrieve your database with all its features like Query, Form, Report, Macro, Modules, fields, images nearly intact. It successfully recovers primary key fields and relation between tables if present.

Stellar refers to some fundamental reasons that cause disruptions in Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL services

  • Unexpected System Shutdown (accidental or power surges)
  • Exiting the database application improperly
  • Not disconnecting the connections in a proper manner after use

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. specializing in data recovery services has brought within its purview refined and dedicated proprietary tools and procedures that have left their impress in the data recovery industry.

We provide free service evaluation and are capable of providing customized services as per fault specifications.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc is dependable and reliable and enjoys a global presence by dint of the quality services it provides.

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