Monday, June 22, 2009

What is Database Recovery ?

One instance of data lost from crucial databases supporting your client base or business strategies can ruin you and your world. Why take risks with the data that means everything to you. Bank on Stellar Data Recovery Inc., a pioneer data recovery service provider for expert assistance and ready solutions.

The most common causes that instigate a database corruption are as follows:-

  • Corruption and damage of the .mdb files (Microsoft Access)
  • Locked [.db] database file

Corruption and damage of the .mdf files (Microsoft SQL)
  • Hard drive corruption
  • Hard drive partition refusing to mount
  • Virus and spyware menace
  • Media Read Error
  • Complications pertaining to Table, Query, Form, Report, Macro, Modules, triggers

If you are being able to identify with the above stated problems, do not lose heart because Stellar Data Recovery Inc. can effectively retrieve your lost/missing database files from any data loss situation however adverse it might be.

Equipped with trained and expert data recovery professionals and an excellent Clean room facility, Stellar can effectively retrieve your database with all its features like Query, Form, Report, Macro, Modules, fields, images nearly intact. It successfully recovers primary key fields and relation between tables if present.

Stellar refers to some fundamental reasons that cause disruptions in Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL services

  • Unexpected System Shutdown (accidental or power surges)
  • Exiting the database application improperly
  • Not disconnecting the connections in a proper manner after use

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. specializing in data recovery services has brought within its purview refined and dedicated proprietary tools and procedures that have left their impress in the data recovery industry.

We provide free service evaluation and are capable of providing customized services as per fault specifications.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc is dependable and reliable and enjoys a global presence by dint of the quality services it provides.

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