Saturday, July 4, 2009

"InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form" error message

Software malfunctions and virus attacks are distressing but error messages that wreak considerable damage to the system and the files are equally painful. That’s what most people feel and the truth that resonates from the given fact cannot be completely pushed to the sidetracks.

The good news is that all error messages are not destructive and the bad news is that some of them definitely are. Nevertheless, an honest attempt to keep the system rolling entails countering good and vile influences all at the same time.

Discussed below is one such error message that is relatively harmless as long as it is properly and effectively tackled and attended to within a stipulated time frame from its appearance.

"InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form" or “Unspecified error” error message flashes on the screen when one attempts to open any form after having started Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003. What follows as a natural corollary is the form not opening, a prospect which is enough to scare the ghost out of you.

The possible reason causing this behavior can be traced back to the registry which is not correctly updated for InfoPath 2003. This mostly happens when the prevent language tune-up from running policy is enabled and is set to Never run language tune-up.

This complication can be duly corrected by updating the registry for InfoPath 2003. Two methods can be employed to achieve this goal namely:

  • Running the Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings tool
  • Manually updating the Registry

These procedures would surely yield results but if any discrepancies are committed while modifying the registry, grave consequences are bound to follow which in most cases gravitate towards reinstallation of the Operating System.

Incorrect handling of the registry editor to modify the registry wreak irreparable damages, troubleshoots for which are not available with Microsoft also. Thus it is advisable to try your hand at it, only if you happen to be a veteran.

As is known to all, reinstallation of the Operating System entails erasure of all the data that lies in the primary partition of the hard drive and an instance of more fatal data deletion if a dynamic partition is being used. That is why it is always recommended to backup the registry in case it requires restoration at any point of time. If your data is precious and you are not in a position to compromise its status at any cost, bank on Stellar Information Systems Ltd, a pioneer data recovery software company for assistance.

Stellar to come up with a comprehensive software that is a one-step solution for data recovery from Windows whatever might be the data loss situation that has wrought the havoc. If you have lost your precious data and a reinstallation of the Operating Systems is bothering you, install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to recover every bit of your lost data that has suffered deletion.

Its powerful algorithms enable the software to perform search, locate and recover functions for recovering lost, missing, inaccessible or deleted data from Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and older operating system hard drives. It caters to both File Allocation Table (FAT) and New Technology File System (NTFS) file systems.

This is a Non destructive and read-only utility that offers Raw File Recovery’ feature, advanced search, File preview and Live updates. Try the demo version of the software to access the performance of the software

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