Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winning Factors that make an effective data center

Most of the customer service centers rely on data centers for data transfer and access. All the client sensitive information remains stored in these data centers from where they are regularly accessed by multiple numbers of authorized personnel. There are times when we wonder, how come when we call up in these customer service centers, they always pick up the complaints or the queries right from the point where the other personnel had let go. It’s the data centers that are making this easy and fluid access possible.

Data centers are outside locations that house equipments that enable large companies to stack their important and sensitive information in them. This stored information can be accessed from any remote location and any authorized employee can have access to it at any time of the day according to the Company’s discretion.

Data confidentiality is an essential component on which all businesses thrive. Thus data security and safety has assumed prime importance in today’s world where all concerns irrespective of their size and reach are resorting to these data centers for preserving their data.

Provided below are a few pointers that come handy while choosing the right data center for your business:-

Encryption: Encryption has been devised to save the information that is moving to and from in the network from the cautious eyes of the hackers. Encryption refers to a code that cannot be cracked. The encrypted information is recognizable only by the computer and the process goes on whenever the data moves. Data that comes back to the data center is again encrypted to safeguard its confidentiality.

Password protection: All passwords have a security feature that prevents someone from entering the password more than a stipulated number of times as has been decided by the company. out after three attempts. This prevents someone from intruding and unlocking it.

128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) enabled: This prevents the information fro being retrieved or corrupted in any way.

Restricting remote access: It allows access only to a few IP addresses. This helps in limiting the periphery of use.

Individual security: Company personnel are provided with their own username and password to access the data center. This differentiates the encryption key from employee to employee.

Firewalls and Virus protection: The data center should have an effective anti-virus software installed to keep the virus at bay besides accommodating a firewall that would enable it to be supported by a backup software and not be locked out.

Protocol security: The data center uses secure data security system that cannot be affected by hackers. Protocols such as HTTP are vulnerable to hackers and should be avoided.

Verification of the data: Every time a particular file writes to the disk at the data center, its integrity is verified. If the verification proves faulty, the data is transmitted to an identical server

Redundant power: this helps the data center to survive the onslaught of blackouts. Thus they run from separate sources of electricity and also have backup generators to backup the data even when power surges occur at their end.

If a data center embodies all these qualities, you can entrust them the job of handling your sensitive data hands down but if even a few of these crucial factors are missing, consider it before relying on them.

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