Saturday, September 6, 2008

Avoid your data loss

We can avoid your data loss from hard drive. So the question which arrives in our mind is that in what ways we are going to loss our data. If we have lost our data then what are the ways from which we are going to recover from such losses and finally what are the necessary precautions to avoid such losses again. Firstly start with the how data loss problem comes.

How data loss situation occurs
Data loss generally occurs when we delete our data from hard drive and it has also been cleared from recycle bin. If we format our hard drive then in that case also we are going to loose our data. And there are many unavoidable conditions in which we loose our data either due to software malfunction, viruses, file system getting corrupt or even sabotage.

Way to recover our data
When data is deleted from our system, actually it is not permanently deleted. Data still resides in the data area of the hard drive only the entries on File system get deleted. Hard drive is divided into two parts system area and data area. Data are stored in the data area of the hard drive and entries of these data are maintained in the system area. System area consists of Root, Master Boot Record (MBR), FAT 1 (File Allocation Table) & FAT 2. FAT contains the entries of the data stored in the data area. Whenever we delete something only the entries get deleted. So there is data recovery software available in the market which scans the hard drive, identify the hard drive and give us the option to undelete it. Thus data recovery software is helpful in recovering data from any such losses.

Way to avoid data loss
Data loss can happen anytime and anywhere. Best way of preventing data loss is to keep regular backup. We can use CD or DVD for backing up the data or using external hard drive. We can take some necessary precaution for avoiding data loss. If we hear a sound from our hard drive then we should not use any utility software, we should backup our data immediately and shut down the computer system to avoid damage to the drive and its data. Thus data back is the best strategy to avoid data loss at the first hand.

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