Thursday, October 30, 2008

How data can be recovered form erased hard disk?

With each event of sensitive personal data being found on computer hard disks, whether it be celebrity bank details or any government records, the debate about hard disk erasure heats up.

The elimination of data from computer systems is an area where scare stories normally emerge. Is it true that you cannot clean data from a hard disk drive? Can forensic experts and Government spooks get the data back, regardless of what data erasure technique has been used?

Deletion of a file from a hard disk drive does not, in most instances, do anything to the data it simply removes an entry that tells the operating system where the data is, and in some instances it leaves all of the information about the data storage in place and just records that the file has been deleted.

The data itself is still present until such time that the space it occupied is re-used.

In addition, data from files is often stored in temporary memory. Most operating systems use caches, areas where data being accessed is temporarily stored, the Windows swap-file being a good example of this.

Data erasure software is designed to perform an orderly and thorough replacement of the information stored.

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