Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Data Recovery Software and Solutions

Some users who they’ve lost their data and maintenance technicians who aren’t dedicated in data recovery, but all face situations when every attempt to recover their data or their clients’ data failed. Some don’t put up with the fact that they were absent-minded enough to invert the polarity when connecting the HD power cable, others keep looking at the dark screen, thinking at how could that happened: the night before the PC was turned off as usual after having worked all day long without a single crash and, when turned on in the morning, the HD is solemnly ignored during setup, the computer doesn’t boot, and the worst: no backup has been done!

Some nevertheless stick obstinately to the data the client can’t lose in any way and promise to come up with a solution.

These are dramatic situations for sure, and they end up leading the victim first try solutions suggested by friends, others researched on the Internet, and so many others “made up” from thoughts sometimes logical and sometimes for pure “belief”.

And those beliefs spread fast – and a lot. Because some were successful in recovering their data by using one of those beliefs, they became really strong for all situations and in fact are more myths than reality, because in many cases they can eliminate the few chances a good professional could have of successfully recovering data at reasonable price, without having to open the hard drive in clean room, what makes the recovery process very expensive.

So let’s take a look at some of those myths, many of them found on the Internet, and separate what makes some sense from what makes the situation worse, eliminating the “beliefs”.

Stellar Phoenix data recovery is one of the best and powerful data recovery software. These software provides complete recovery solution for all operating system including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Macintosh, Novell and so on. These software demo version is absolutely free in which you can see the preview of your recoverable file. Through demo version you can check software recovery capability.

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