Friday, July 11, 2008

Business Continuity plans thrive on Data security

We live in an extremely volatile environment which demands hundred percent efficiency and accuracy. Any deviation can wreak havoc and can set the downhill stone rolling. An organization that desires to stay efficient can't afford to have their systems down for even a short period of time cause it entails not just gigabytes of missing data but faltering trust and lost opportunities which is any day far more damaging than anything else to a company that has been consistently delivering its best.

All companies intent on doing a fair job and proliferating have their business continuity plans in place but to etch success out of it is not an easy ordeal. Garnering the support of a few technologies can make this a blasting success. Provided below are a few of them.

• It is of quintessential import to maintain uninterrupted system and application availability at all costs. This can be done by resorting to redundant design, clustering and firmware support.
• For a quick resumption of business and speedy end to system downtime, remote data mirroring is the ideal solution. If a data loss disaster occurs, the exact copy of the business' production data remains accessible as it is located in a remote site away from the original production site where the disaster has struck. There are two types of Remote data mirroring: Physical and Logical. The first one entails replication of the original site's hardware while the latter involves replication of the original system's file structure.
• Technologies that replicate the organization’s data and write the data to alternative sites or systems via a network are equally important if huge volumes of data are being dealt with.
• Storage over IP (SoIP) ensures excellent data security. The procedure in question works like this: - SoIP sends the block-level data over an IP network, enabling the servers to connect to SCSI storage devices. The best part is that it treats them as if they were directly attached to the server, regardless of their location. The benefits that can be accrued from this system are enormous but its strength lies in optimizing the ability to enable remote data backup, tape vaulting and remote disk mirroring. It comes in two flavors, storage tunneling and native IP-based storage.
• Data snapshots are excellent for ensuring redundancy though they happen to be read-only views of the file system. This can bring down the costs to a considerable extent as a snapshot taken registers the incoming changes as mere updates. In more fluid terms, snapshots take a picture of what the system data looks like and then makes snapshots of only those changes as and when made. They take up very little disk space and can be sent to remote sites for disaster recovery thus reducing the need for redundant storage.

Data loss can mean a lot to concerns who command a decent reputation and market standing, as for others it might mean going out of business. To make data loss an easier experience to deal with, Stellar Information Systems Ltd, a pioneer data recovery company has devised a remedy.

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