Saturday, July 19, 2008

Laptop Data Recovery

The beginning of the mobile lifestyle and telecommuting, laptop computers have become as common as home computer. In some situations the laptop has become a home computer. The main reason behind the popularity is the portability that it gives to the computer user. And with the facility to take laptop anywhere, it leads to unforeseen damage from the rudiments and to grave wear and tear.

Because the laptop is designed for mobility, it makes this more prone to the damage. Apart from the usual wear and tear from dragging around the computer, there are big hazards of accidents. Accidentally pouring water or coffee on the laptop, dropping it, running the car on the case or even sitting over the laptop can damage it. Physical damage to the laptop can make this unbootable.

In most of the situations, the laptop is a secondary computer or it is wired to an office LAN, this is prudent for regularly storing data to the server or desktop. In case of data loss, a copy of precious data is stored at home or at the office. You can use backup software for proper and scheduled backup.

Commonly, laptops come with a data recovery CD. The laptop recovery CD contains the compressed hard drive contents to the laptop use. If the hard drive fails, or you want a full re-write, or reinstall the laptop, you can boot the laptop from this disk and can do full reinstall. After reinstalling, you can restore your data from the backup.

But the data loss can cause major problems if you haven’t backed your data up or the backup is insufficient. In such situations, you don’t have any source to restore your data and it can possibly put you out of the business if the lost data was very significant from business point of view.

In such situations, you need for data recovery solutions to get your data back. These data recovery solutions are available in two forms: data recovery software and data recovery service. Data recovery software are the applications designed for do It yourself data recovery in case of logical failure, whereas the data recovery service is the professional help provided by data recovery companies in case of physical failure.

The Do It Yourself data recovery using data recovery software in case of laptops is not as easy as in desktop computers. Opening the laptop and detaching the hard drive is not an easy task and can’t be performed without some technical knowledge. Another way to perform data recovery using data recovery software is to install the software on the secondary hard drive and attach it to the laptop and scan the affected hard drive.

Both these tasks can’t be performed by general user or layman. These hard drive recovery methods require some hardware knowledge. So, applying these solutions without having the technical knowledge is not suggested. It can further damage your laptop and can cause permanent data loss.

In such disastrous situations, you need to take help from data recovery experts. There are several data recovery companies that provide professional data recovery service. The only thing that you have to do is to send your laptop to the data recovery company and they will return it with your precious data. The data recovery company should be trusted, with all the required tools and powerful data recovery software.

Stellar provides robust and powerful data recovery software for all computer operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and Novell. All these data recovery software recover the lost data in original format without altering the original contents of the file.


Yogendra said...

I have lost my data from my lappy.Through your blog I get good information how to recover it. Thank you.

Computer Forensics said...

If you need to guarantee the maximum Data Recovery, there is no substitute for a professional. It might cost an arm (and even a leg) but if the data was very important to you there is no choice. Many experts are happy to provide a free quote before beginning any hard disk recovery efforts. If you have the luxury of time, comparing quotes and projected outcomes is a great way to get the best value for money. Have a look for experts who only accept payment if the data is recovered, chances are these experts are confident in their abilities to restore your information, or they wouldn't make such promises!

daspeac said...

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