Monday, July 21, 2008

How data recovery is possible

There are so many causes leading to the terrible situations of data loss. The main factor, which leads to major loss of data, is human error. Human error is the most general case of nightmare of data loss, occurs very frequently to individuals and organizations in their corporate lives.

In lots of the cases, data loss is not significantly important, however it does occur from time to time when somebody unintentionally deletes a file, or formats a memory device. This important information can be personal files, memorable pictures or important finance documents of the business.

If you loss your important data that is extremely important to your business or for you as an individual, then you would need help of data recovery solutions. If the data gets deleted or lost from your system, it doesn’t means that data get removed from your hard drive. The data remains on its memory location until it is not overwritten.

When you delete the data from recycle bin or format the hard drive, only the entry of the file in the file system table gets deleted. The actual data remains on the drive until or unless it gets overwritten. After deletion, the operating system shows the space occupied by the file as available.

Operating system assigns a flag to every file stored on the hard drive. There are two states of the flag “0” and “1”. Here 0 means off and 1 means on. Whenever the flag is on, the operating system shows the file and it can be accessed. And if the file flag is off, then the file becomes invisible and inaccessible. After deletion, operating system sets the file flag to 0 and the file becomes invisible and inaccessible.

When you store the data on the hard drive, a pointer is created for the particular file and stored in the File System Table. This pointer points to the memory location of the hard drive on which the actual data is stored. When you delete the file, only the pointer is deleted and it makes the file flag off. When the operating system doesn’t find the pointer to the original location of the data, it can’t access the data and the situation is called data loss.

In such circumstances, you need for a data recovery software that can retrieve your lost data in original format. The data recovery software scans the entire hard drive for the lost data. While scanning the drive, when it finds a file, it takes the file location and matches it with the file entry stored in the file system table. If exact match is found, it replaces the entry and a new pointer is created and file becomes visible and accessible.

The data recovery software are different for different computer operating systems and file systems. You can find a wide range of data recovery software in the market. What you need to do is just select a powerful, reliable and trusted data recovery software and scan your hard drive to get your data back.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd is the most familiar and experienced provider of data recovery software and service solutions. The data recovery software offered by Stellar are for all computer operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and Novell. All these data recovery software are read only, non destructive and extremely easy to use that performs original and quick hard drive recovery.

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