Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cause of data loss and its recovery solutions

Loss of data can happen to any device or media that stores data. There are many reasons behind the data loss. These causes of data loss can be categorized in two major categories. These are:

Physical Cause

This loss occurs when the physical components of the computer get damaged. The causes of physical damage are clicking, grinding, spinning or other strange noises from you computer. The reasons include:

o The read/write head damage of the hard drive
o Physical hard drive crash
o Disk controller failure
o Short circuit
o Natural calamities like flood, fire etc.
o Power failure
o System drop down specially in laptops

If any of the above situations occur, you should quickly shut down the system and shouldn’t attempt any kind of self treatment to the hard drive.

Logical Cause

The other category of data loss reasons is logical data loss. The logical data loss is the situation where all of the hardware components are intact, only the stored data becomes inaccessible. The reasons of logical data loss are as follows:

o Accidental deletion or hard drive formatting
o Virus attack
o File system corruption
o Hard drive logical partition deletion
o Operating system corruption
o Corrupted programs
o Faulty backup software or media
o Application non compatibility with operating system
o Employee sabotage
o MBR Failure
o Boot sector corruption
o Cross linked files

In the above situations of logical data loss, you shouldn’t perform any write operation on the hard drive and shouldn’t install or uninstall any software. It can overwrite the data and can make it inaccessible forever.

With the help of advanced techniques of the data recovery, you can recover your lost data in both of the data loss situations i.e. physical and logical data loss.

The recovery solutions for both of these situations are different. In case of physical data loss, you need to take help of data recovery experts. While in the situation of logical data loss you have to use data recovery software. This software can be used by user itself as they don’t require any prior and sound technical knowledge.

Because of the importance of your data from business and general point of view, you should choose only the best, reliable and the most powerful data recovery service and data recovery software. The data recovery software can be varying from operating system to operating system and file system to file system.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd is a well known and experienced provider of data recovery software and service. The data recovery software from Stellar are available for the computer operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and Novell. These data recovery software are safe, reliable and very powerful which use advanced techniques of data recovery.

The data recovery service of Stellar is provided in Class 100 Clean Rooms by the experienced and highly qualified data recovery experts. Company has all of the required advanced tools for ensuring absolute and unique data recovery. You have to pay only for your data that you get recovered as the company has “No Data No Charge” policy.

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