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Data Recovery from Unrecognized Hard Drive

A USB or Universal Serial Bus hard drive is a type of hard drive that is externally connected to the computer system and is portable. USB hard drives are connected to the computer system using a cable that is compatible with USB connector.

Most of the USB hard drives are compatible with the four major computer operating systems: Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, and Linux. You can format the USB hard drive with different file systems like NTFS, HFS, UFS, and ReiserFS etc.

USB hard drives are generally used to store important and precious data as a backup. In such situations, these hard drives become very important and they should be kept in safe environment. These are the most reliable method of data backup.

Although, USB hard drives are reliable as a backup device or in means of storing data, but at last they also are the mechanical devices and can fail at some point of time. Sometimes, when you try to access the stored data from the USB hard drive, you may get an error message by the operating system stating

“Device is not recognized by the operating system”

In this case, you can’t access the data stored on the drive.

Roots of the problem

There are two possible causes of this problem:

Ø There are some problems with your operating system and it can’t access the data from USB drive or any other external drives. May be the drivers are missing or damaged.

Ø In another case, the issues may be with the USB drive only. Such issues include damaged file system or system files of the drive are missing which are significant for accessing data.

In such situations, first you need to fix the issue then only you would be able to access the stored data from the hard drive.

Fixing the issue

There are two solutions to work around this problem depending upon the cause of the trouble. These fixes are:

1 If the problem is due to the operating system then you need to install the missing drives or reinstall the operating system. You can check it by attaching the drive with any other computer system.

2 If you can’t access the drive by attaching to another system then the problem is possibly due to the file system reasons or system files of the USB drive. In such cases, you need to format the drive to fix the issues.

Using these solutions, you would be able to resolve the problem. But, in second case, you will lose your data. And if the data is very important from business or any other point of view, then it can cause the nightmare of data loss. In such circumstances, you need for data recovery software to recover the lost data after formatting.

Data recovery software are the application programs designed to retrieve the lost data. The data recovery software can be varying from operating system to operating system and file system to file system. The selected data recovery software should support your operating system and file system and should be able to perform complete data recovery.

The data recovery software offered by Stellar are very advanced and powerful and able to recover data in all possible cases of data loss. These data recovery software are available for all computer operating system like Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, Linux, and Novell. The data recovery software of Stellar have been designed to support all corresponding file systems used by these operating systems.

All of these data recovery software perform original data recovery. Here the term original means the contents of the file won’t be altered even a single bit. For clarification about the performance, usability and reliability of the software, you can go for the demo versions. Demo versions of these data recovery software are available on the Stellar’s website. These demo versions show the preview and amount of recoverable files.


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