Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Major Options of Data Recovery

As the computer systems develop and the Internet connections stay constant, there are more and more causes to need for data recovery all the time. New malicious programs like viruses, Trojan horses, spywares etc, complicated hard disk systems and hard back up methods all augment the chances of losing the data from your computer system.

With the revolution in the world of data storage, the data recovery ways have all been changed and at times not for the better. There are several ways to get your precious data back and recover or restart your business. Let us take a quick look at all the means available for the data recovery.

Manual option
This is the first and most common method to attempt in order to recover your data. Just detach your affected hard drive from your computer system and attach it to a healthy computer system. You will be able to see this drive as a secondary hard drive in your computer. Try to access the drive. If you are able to access the data from this drive, then save your data to the healthy drive. Your data has been recovered.

Use inbuilt Operating System data recovery method
All of the operating systems take periodic snaps of all the data stored on your computer hard drive or of your system like System Restore utility in Windows. If you have lost some data from your hard drive and your system is still running, then you can restore your computer to the last good working situation.

The data recovery software
If you fail to recover the data using both of the above mentioned options, then the next and the best way to recover your data by yourself is data recovery software. Data recovery software do a tremendous job to retrieve all of your lost data from your computer hard drive or any other storage media like USB drives, CDs, DVDs and the like.

Data Recovery software is the best remedy in case of logical data loss. From the term logical data loss, I mean if the data has lost due to accidental deletion, virus attack, hard drive formatting, operating system corruption and any other. The data recovery software thoroughly scan your affected hard drive and retrieve as much data as possible.

Data recovery service
In case if your hard drive has physical damage and it can’t be started then you need to go for a technician help. This help is known as data recovery service and provided by data recovery companies. The data recovery companies have the expert and experienced staff with advanced equipments to repair the damaged hard drive and recover lost data from it.

If you are going to purchase a data recovery software or avail a hard drive recovery service for getting your data back from your hard drive, you should be little cautious. Before taking a step, you should do an analysis regarding the reliability, powerfulness and effectiveness of both these methods.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd is the leader of the data recovery industry with more than 15 years of rich experience in providing data recovery solutions. The company provides advanced and effective data recovery software and service for all kinds of data loss situations and can recover up to 100% data.

The data recovery software are available for all computer operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and Novell. These data recovery software support all of the respective file systems used by these operating systems. Data recovery software offered by Stellar use the advanced and powerful scanning algorithms to ensure absolute data recovery.

The data recovery service of the company is provided by highly qualified and experienced data recovery professionals in the State Of The Art Class 100 Clean Rooms. Here the damaged components of the storage device are either repaired or replaced and the data is recovered from the drive. Data recovery experts can also use data recovery software if the data is still inaccessible after repairing the drive.

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