Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Causes of Data Loss- Human Errors

Data loss is a reality which is hard to admit. Many organizations face problems in their business as they lose there data due to severe computer disaster. The other face of the data loss can be considered as the psychological and emotional chaos, mainly occurring to the IT managers and business owners. This involves despair, panic and the rush to the completing the work. In other words, the human errors contribute to one of the two largest contributing factors of data loss.

Together with the mechanical failure, this side of data loss accounts for almost 75 percent of data loss incidents and hence more demanding for data recovery. The human has itself turned out the factor of reliability of disk drives. A considerable proportion of the human errors constitute when he or she fails to implement the adequate backup procedures or doesn’t take the backup at all. However accidental deletion constitutes a separate part.

Sometimes, the problem gets started prior to the system error is made. This is when the users go for the out-of-box solutions, which may be not apt for their organizational needs. But if any human error is caused then this can be traced back by acting wisely and precisely. Let us say, in case of disaster has stroked your RAID then you need to pack up it in plastic bags instead of doing some unexpected things like freezing the hard drives.

When the disaster strikes, the most obvious reaction from the human side is panic. This is due to the reason that the data which has got lost has significant and critical consequences over the business. This is the case when the most competent IT staff can jump into inappropriate actions. A complete black out at this critical period of time can lead to the series of the native decisions, in which each of them add up to the preceding errors.

In many of the cases, this has also been seen that the IT specialists are typically not equipped to handle these conditions and suitable data recovery tools. So when the significant physical damage has incurred then turn to the data recovery professionals. They will act as the innovative problem solvers.

However if the problem is not so critical and related to just some deletion, application or system software problems then data recovery software would be a great help. They can be applied at the user level and do not require any technical help.

Data recovery professionals draws a wealth of experience and follow ‘never to say die’ attitude. The companies providing the data recovery services through the professional’s help triage process sets priorities like which files are needed first or which are vital for the functioning of the business.

Successful data recovery companies hinge on a combination of the innovative logistics, technology triage and apt techniques for handling different storage devices. But if the users have ensured the minimization of data loss then data recovery would be less demanded through either of the way.

In case of data loss, choose for the best one. Error may incur at this point of time also if the incorrect decision has been taken. Try to choose the data recovery company which is facilitating you both the data recovery solutions: data recovery software and data recovery service.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the data recovery company which is able to provide you both the data recovery solutions. In the data recovery category, the software is available for the operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and Novell. These data recovery software can scan the hard drive with much efficiency and thus retrieving the data safely and completely.

The data recovery services is provided in Class 100 Clean Rooms. This environment is best suited for the safe opening and handling the affected storage device. The data recovery experts have all the knowledge, skill and tools for ending the safe data recovery.

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