Monday, July 28, 2008

Recover lost data after accidentally deleted by using shift + delete

While working on a computer you often times encounter number of problems. Sometimes you do not know the solution of your problem or it is hard to find answer. Most common problem you are likely to face while working on a computer is accidental deletion of your files saved on the computer.

When you have unwanted data in your system you delete it. Thus, we can say that you are likely to delete files from your computer either knowingly or unknowingly. When you delete files unknowingly it increases space of your hard disk. If you have accidentally deleted the important files from your computer then you seem to be in a major problem.

When you simply delete a file by pressing the delete button it goes to the Recycle bin. If it is an important file, you can easily recover it from there by clicking on ‘Restore’. This recovers your file and it reaches its’ previous destination. The shift + delete keys are generally used by people when they want to skip the step of deleting the file and then emptying the recycle bin which also saves time. But what if the file was an important one? With the creation of data recovery softwares retrieving the deleted files becomes quite easy. When data is deleted using the Shift + Delete key it is not really deleted. It, in fact, stays there in a hidden area on the hard drive. Actually, the data is generally arranged in a group on the hard drive. The shift + delete command makes the data irrevocable and it gets placed in an unspecified group or cluster. This makes the data untraceable and makes it difficult for you to recover it.

At such situation data recovery software can definitely prove to be a life saver for you. But before running these softwares in your system it is always better to take precautions. It is better if someone with proper professional knowledge does it. This is because using these softwares without proper knowledge can further increase the problem and your data might never be recovered.

Stellar Phoenix Deleted File Recovery is one such data recovery software which can prove to be of great help to you. This software can be easily run on any version of windows vis. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista. You can restore your important data from different storage media like- Floppy Disk, Hard Drive, Zip Disk or USB Drive. It supports any storage device whose drive letter is displayed in Windows “My Computer”. This software can undelete files or folders from the hard disk which have been deleted by the use of- Shift +Delete key or through DOS. It also, recovers temporary back up files of word or Photoshop applications. Thus, you can say that Stellar Phoenix Deleted File Recovery software gives you absolute value for money. Once you buy this software all your lost data woes will surely get found.

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